in the interim

Oh goodness.

It seems that time has gotten away from me, no? A whole week of silence was not what I meant to leave you with after my last post! Ah, but life has been gathering speed at a remarkable pace lately, and simply keeping up with it has taken all my efforts. In the span of seven days, I have had no less than three social engagements (which is three times my normal rate!), plus some time-consuming and put-off-'til-the-last-minute professional work to finish, and a two day, out-of-state medical trip that needed to be squeezed in (don't worry, we're all fine, and it turned out to be quite a fun trip). And we've had a couple of days of glorious weather, which means the boys think we need to be "outside right now and forever" (and they're right, that garden does need to get planted!). Needless to say, I have been baking less than usual, and I have obviously been blogging much less than usual!

And tonight is no different, I'm sorry to say. While I really will get you that bacon scone recipe soon, plus the instructions for some of the delicious desserts we've been enjoying with friends, the time it takes to edit the photos and type up the recipes is time I don't have right now. A couple more big hurdles to clear, and then I'll be back in the kitchen.

For now, though, just so you don't leave without any visuals, here are some images of how we've been spending our time this past week.

{The gluten-free baguette. It's almost there.}

{Bacon-cheddar-thyme scones. A good way to wake up.} 

{Julia Child's bouillabaisse. Highly recommended.}

{Buttermilk panna cotta with stewed rhubarb and candied kumquats. Fancy single-malt scotch optional.}

{Our medical trip included an "adventure" of being stuck on the highway for two hours. Everyone was friendly, at least.}

{It was warm. Why stay in the car?}

{We saw TONS of honey bees, no doubt on their way to a very important pollination job. Minus the hundreds that lost their way on the highway, of course.}

{Bought Ameraucana blue eggs on the way home for this morning's breakfast. Some of the best-tasting yolks I've had the pleasure of eating. Good to note that Pete & Gerry's donated 2200 dozen of these to food banks in the northeast just before Easter.}

I'll be back soon!

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